Ukrainian Cats Boosting Military Funding Efforts Against Russia: Report

Bizarre as it may seem, cats have been helping Ukrainian troops secure funds for weapons and equipment for use against invading Russian forces.

The pets’ overwhelming popularity on social media is being used to raise thousands of dollars in donations for Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline.

Oleksandr Liashuk, a soldier stationed in southern Ukraine, told Business Insider that his cat, Shayba, has helped him collect more than $80,000 in fundraising.

With the money they received, he said he was able to buy eight military vehicles, an anti-drone weapon, and a thermal-imaging camera for his unit.

“His admirers are everywhere – from Chile to Japan – so Shayba’s stories touch people’s hearts worldwide, motivating them to contribute to Ukraine’s aid,” Liashuk told the outlet.


The excruciating noise of Russia’s missile barrages has affected many people and animals, including a now-famous cat named Stefan.

His owner, Anna Volodymyrivna Dmytrenko, used the pet’s heartbreaking story to bring in funds for the military.

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Stefan has an online shop that sells bags, hoodies, pillows, towels, and mugs with his face printed on them.

The revenues have helped a Ukrainian National Guard brigade raise a total of $665,000 to procure electronic warfare systems and reconnaissance equipment.


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He and his owner also supported TheWarFragments museum charity last year to raise $800,000 for Ukraine’s Third Separate Assault Brigade.

“This is not just equipment – it’s a chance to save the lives of our defenders and enhance their capabilities on the battlefield,” Dmytrenko explained.

‘Symbol of Unity, Resilience’

With Western support for Ukraine dwindling, Liashuk and Dmytrenko said they are hoping their pets bring courage to Ukrainian troops battling the invaders’ continued aggression.

They want Shayba and Stefan to become symbols of unity and resilience, “showing that even one small cat can make big dreams come true.”

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