EU Delivers Mine Clearing Vehicle to Ukraine

Ukraine received a DOK-ING MV-10 mine clearing system from the European Union during EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell‘s visit to the country.

The delivery is part of a 25-million-euro ($27 million) support package announced this month to equip Kyiv’s forces with mine-clearing equipment that includes pyrotechnic vehicles and robotic demining systems.

Part of the EU’s demining support includes a training course for Ukrainian units that will operate the MV-10.

Borell stated that the MV-10 will be a major component in Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts amid Russia’s war.

“We are honoured to make the work of Ukrainian de-miners safer and more efficient with this European equipment. Together we can help save lives and contribute to a better future for Ukraine,” he added.

The vehicle was handed over to Ukraine’s State Transport Special Service, a military unit designed to establish a reliable transport service for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Clearing the Way

The DOK-ING MV-10 is a remote-controlled vehicle that can clear an area of up to 4,000 square meters (13,123 square feet) per hour, including steep slopes.

Its unique “double tool,” a front-positioned flail tool combined with a rear tiller, neutralizes anti-personnel and anti-tank mines while clearing other land mines and vegetation.

Its other key features include an advanced video system for situational awareness, deep-profile tracks for off/on road mobility, a Hardox 450 full-body armor, and low-light cameras and infrared lights for day and night operations.

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