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South Korea to Mass Produce 60 Km Artillery Round 

South Korea will mass produce a recently-developed extended-range 155mm artillery shell this year.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration announcement followed the conclusion of the Poongsan Corporation shell’s development, Yonhap News Agency reported.

The shell development project was launched in 2014, with the round pronounced combat-suitable last year. 

A production contract is expected to be signed later this year.

Outranges Existing Rounds by 30 Percent

It employs a rocket motor and base bleed technology to reduce drag and has a range of 60 kilometers (37 miles), over 30 percent greater than Seoul’s existing artillery rounds.

South Korea’s K9 self-propelled howitzer is expected to employ the shell, enhancing the gun’s export potential.

With the new shell, the Hanwha gun can fire up to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) farther than with its current round.

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