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Papua New Guinea Completes Australian Aviation Medicine Training Course

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) has completed an aviation medicine training course led by the Royal Australian Air Force at Base Edinburgh.

The four-day training was held in partnership with Canberra’s Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM). It encompassed subjects such as human factors, medical and physiological concerns in the aviation environment, and how to prepare for associated scenarios.

Lessons focused on the effects of altitude on the human body, common aviation issues, medicinal and aircrew equipment familiarization, fitness optimization for flight, as well as the impact of existing health conditions on airborne operations.

Experts facilitated the program through a combination of lecture-based teaching and hands-on exercises, including practical spatial disorientation and hypoxia training as well as night vision laboratory work.

The Australian Department of Defence wrote that all participants from Port Moresby finalized the initial training, making them ready for future aviation roles.

“Despite the seriousness of this training, students take the opportunity to have a laugh while they get a good appreciation of what we are teaching and the potential severity related to it,” a statement from the service said.

“As the relationship develops, it is hoped that IAM can further support the PNGDF with refresher courses, more pilot initial courses at IAM, and other relevant training potentially being conducted in PNG.”

Latest Aeromedical Training Projects

The Royal Australian Air Force unveiled a mixed-reality training center in Queensland in 2023 to equip aeromedical evacuation practitioners with advanced skills.

This new AI-enabled hub will upskill medics in emergency response protocols across in-flight transport, active war environments and the actual treatment facilities.

In 2022, Australia, the US, and Japan conducted their first virtual aeromedical patient care training to boost strategic cooperation across allied air forces protecting the Indo-Pacific region.

Last month, the Armed Forces of Senegal completed an aviation medical training similar to Australia’s program that was led by the US Air Force.

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