Senegal Completes US Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation Training

The Armed Forces of Senegal have completed the final phase of the Aeromedical Evacuation Teams (AMET) training led by the US Air Force at Ouakam Air Base.

The training is part of a US Department of Defense effort to help Dakar improve its aeromedical and international peacekeeping capabilities.

It was facilitated by the US Air Forces in Europe – Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) Surgeon General’s Office and the Defense Institute for Military Operations.

The AMET Phase V covered five days of practice with various medical and tactical simulations.

It saw the participants perform hands-on aerial patient movement in real-world scenarios and apply collective knowledge honed through previous stages.

A Senegal Air Force media secures a pa wounded patient on an aircraft during an AMET Phase V training scenario at Ouakam Air Base, Senegal, Jan. 24, 2024. The completion of Phase V underscores their commitment to maintain peace and stability and positions Senegal as a valuable contributor in future UN missions. (U.S. Air Force photo by Dreshawn Murray)
A Senegal Air Force personnel secures a wounded patient on an aircraft during a training scenario. Photo: Dreshawn Murray/US Air Force

“Completing the fifth and final phase of the AMET program represents a significant milestone for the Senegalese Armed Forces,” USAFE-AFAFRICA Command Surgeon Col. Steven Lehr stated.

“This demonstrates their ability to not only learn a critical function but the ability to sustain it through development of their own cadre that can teach and evaluate their ability to perform this mission.”

For UN Peacekeeping

AMET was established in 2019 to support UN Peacekeeping Operations. Senegal completed Phase II in April, Phase III in July, and Phase IV in September 2023.

“In the privilege of teaching and witnessing these remarkable individuals excel in our program lies the promise of a brighter future,” Defense Institute of Military Operations Instructor Col. James Webb said.

“The Senegalese military’s commitment to excellence assures that they will stand as stalwarts in UN peacekeeping operations for years to come.”

Validating Operability

AMET Program Manager Tech. Sgt. Larry Russian highlighted the “dedication, commitment, and perseverance” that Dakar’s soldiers displayed throughout the AMET program.

“These qualities cannot be more evident in our partner nation of Senegal,” Russian said.

“From Phase 0 to Phase V, Senegal’s armed forces have demonstrated ownership and sustainability of their Aeromedical Evacuation Teams program in preparation to pursue UN validation in support of peacekeeping operations.”

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