MBDA, Greece Companies to Collaborate on Akeron Missile Projects

Arms giant MBDA has signed agreements with Greek companies Miltech and Altus to collaborate on projects developing systems for the Akeron MP anti-tank missile.

The collaboration’s first partnership focuses on creating a missile system launch kit with Miltech, which will be offered on the global market as a capability that can be integrated with light automatic turrets fitted with low-caliber guns.

The second collaboration will see the development of tactical drones equipped with the Akeron MP missiles. Altus will assist with integrating the missile into new equipment, including its Atlas 8 Heavy Lifter unmanned aerial vehicle.

The deals were signed as part of the MBDA’s R&D Booster initiative, a partnership agreement created by France and Greece in 2021 to establish long-term collaborations in Europe.

The Akeron MP

Used in service by France, Egypt, and Ukraine, the Akeron MP is a lightweight, medium-range missile used for anti-tank, anti-infrastructure, and anti-personnel operations.

The fifth-generation weapon has day and night capabilities due to its IR/TV seekers and can also operate in sub-optimal climates with desert- and subarctic-like conditions.

It has an operational range of up to 5 kilometers (3 miles) and is able to penetrate 2,000 millimeters (79 inches) of concrete with its Tandem HEAT warhead.

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