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Taiwan’s New Long-Range Cruise Missile ‘Slow, Easy to Shoot Down’: China

Chinese media has criticized the capabilities of Taiwan’s new longer-range cruise missile, saying the weapon poses a “limited” threat to the mainland.

In August 2023, the Taiwanese military test-fired the Hsiung Feng IIE land-attack cruise missile, which can reportedly hit targets up to 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) away.

The range is enough to penetrate deep into Chinese territory, according to Taiwanese media.

However, in an issue of the Chinese magazine Ordnance Industry Science Technology, the Hsiung Feng IIE was criticized for its “relatively large size” and “subsonic speed.”

Its lack of stealth technology also makes it vulnerable to detection by sophisticated anti-air radar systems, the periodical stated, as disclosed by the South China Morning Post.

Additionally, the report claimed that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will not have difficulty intercepting the missile because of the Taiwanese military’s limited abilities in midcourse missile guidance.

Psychological Warfare?

Beijing has been accused multiple times of resorting to persistent intimidation to undermine public confidence in Taiwan’s military.

In May last year, Chinese researchers claimed that the PLA could “with certainty” destroy a US Navy aircraft carrier group helping the small island nation using only 24 hypersonic anti-ship missiles.

The assessment drew flak from the Taiwanese government, saying China is just using psychological warfare to intimidate the country.

Hsiung Feng IIE
A Hsiung Feng IIE cruise missile on display. Photo: NCSIST

Closely Monitoring Taiwan

The negative comments by Chinese media about Taiwan’s Hsiung Feng IIE cruise missile suggest the Asian military superpower is closely monitoring the island nation’s weapons development.

A report by Business Insider said Beijing could be looking out for any advanced weapon that could take out an invasion force or effectively strike the mainland.

China is also obviously monitoring US arms sales to Taiwan, commenting in November 2023 that the island nation is now becoming a “powder keg.”

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