Royal Navy Taps Thales for $2.3B Sensor Management Deal

Thales has signed a 1.8-billion pound ($2.3 billion) contract to improve the long-term availability and resilience of the Royal Navy’s sonar and sensors.

The 15-year Maritime Sensor Enhancement Team (MSET) contract will focus on equipment availability and prediction of problems through AI-assisted data collection. It will largely affect the Navy’s upcoming Type 26 and Type 31 frigates, as well as its Dreadnought ships and future autonomous capabilities.

“This contract with Thales will help keep more Royal Navy ships at sea for longer, by harnessing the latest developments in artificial intelligence, data analysis and improved dockland facilities,” Chairman and CEO of Thales in the UK Alex Cresswell said.

An estimated 450 jobs will be created or sustained across the UK following the changes.

Thales for British Modernization

The defense manufacturer has assisted Britain in modernizing its force during the current global tensions.

Recently, it received a three-year service contract to support the S1850M multibeam radars of the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation, of which the UK is a member.

The NATO-standard naval sensor is currently utilized by carriers and frigates in countries like Italy and France.

Thales was also tapped by Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land to procure weapon sights for the British Army’s Challenger 3 tanks. The agreement was estimated to be around 90 million pounds ($122 million).

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