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Babcock to Equip S. Korean Jangbogo-III Submarine With Weapons System

Defense firm Babcock has signed a seven-year contract to manufacture and install advanced capabilities for South Korea’s Jangbogo-III class submarines.

The deal, awarded by Hanwha Ocean, will see Babcock manufacture and install the weapons handling launch system (WHLS) on the class’ sixth boat.

The company will also equip all of the submarines with air turbine pumps and programmable firing valve launch systems.

Design and production of the WHLS will commence in the UK, while the rest of the work will take place in South Korea.

Babcock has been involved with the Jangbogo-III program since 2011.

Jangbogo-III Submarine

Jangbogo-III Batch-II submarines are fitted mostly with South Korean technology, with over 80 percent of its parts sourced locally.

Its armaments include Korean Vertical Launching Systems, with Hyunmoo ballistic and cruise missiles. It also utilizes indigenous combat systems and sensors.

It can stay submerged up to 20 days, traveling at a top speed of 20 knots (23 miles/37 kilometers per hour).

Currently, only South Korea and Indonesia operate Jangbogo-class submarines. Seoul has recently offered the Philippines a pair of the submersibles to counter similar proposals from France and Spain.

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