US Donates $1.3M in Military Equipment to Kenya

The US government has donated $1.3 million worth of military equipment to the Kenya Defence Forces.

Delivered by US Africa Command (AFRICOM), the donation includes 6,730 pieces of body armor, ballistic helmets to protect soldiers from small arms fire, and ballistic plates to withstand heavy ammunition.

According to the US Embassy in Nairobi, the equipment will enhance the country’s counterterrorism and security efforts.

They will also help ensure the effectiveness of personnel in conducting peacekeeping missions, AFRICOM said.

Prior to the delivery, Kenya and the US signed a five-year defense cooperation deal, which underscores Washington’s role in assisting Nairobi with its fight against armed Islamist groups.


Reflecting Strong Relationship

In a statement to local media, US AFRICOM explained that the donation exemplifies the strong relationship between the two countries.

Major General Kenneth Ekman also revealed that the protective gear was among the priority requests of the Kenya Defence Forces when US defense secretary Lloyd Austin visited the country in September 2023.

“We are proud to complete this grant of protective equipment to our partners… This donation underscores the US commitment to supporting the security efforts of our international partners and fostering a free, open, and stable international order,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kenya Defence Forces Eastern Command official Major General Juma Mwinyika expressed gratitude to the US government for the donation.

He said the Nairobi has the support of Washington “at the strategic level,” and now it must do its part on the tactical and operational level.

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