Greece to Send Weapons Package to Ukraine After US Push

Greece is transferring weapon systems to Ukraine in exchange for $200 million in foreign military financing from the US.

The country approved the transfer after Washington greenlit an $8.6-billion sale of up to 40 F-35 fighter jets to Athens.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken approached Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with a proposal to donate or sell their weapons in exchange for military aid.

Mitsotakis described Blinken’s proposal as a cornerstone of Greece’s force modernization and development in foreign and defense policies.

“This letter is the best seal of the strategic depth of Greek-American relations and practically confirms that a reliable but also dynamic foreign policy can have a very substantial impact on the future defence of the country, especially in the field of strengthening its deterrence capability,” he said.

Established Support

As a NATO ally, Greece has provided both military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war.

Athens signed a deal with arms manufacturer Rheinmetall to supply Kyiv with Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

It also supplied the country with multiple rocket launch systems, missiles, armored troop carriers, and air defense systems capable of protecting “an entire major city from Russian airstrikes.”

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