Challenger 3 Battle Tanks to Receive New Modular Armor System

Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land has signed a deal with the UK Ministry of Defense to deliver a new modular armor system for the British Army’s Challenger 3 main battle tank.

The contract will see the joint venture test, manufacture, and integrate modular fittings that will protect the tanks from newer weapon systems.

This comes after initial trials were conducted last year with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.

The agreement is part of the Land Industry Strategy, an initiative that seeks to boost the UK’s local industry and economy by promoting the military’s national supply chain.

Around 58 jobs will be created during the manufacturing process.

Response to Threats

Colonel Will Waugh, Senior Responsible Owner for the Army’s Armour (MBT) Programme, explained the new armor underlines the UK’s push for stronger defense capabilities in response to emerging threats and ongoing conflicts in the region.

“This contract signature is great news and another step forward in the delivery of the Army’s next MBT capability. The conflict in Ukraine has provided a timely reminder of the threat posed by Russia’s MBTs and other weapon systems,” he said.

Furthermore, he described the armor as a “world-class sovereign capability” to protect UK troops and bolster the survivability of its Challenger tanks.

Challenger 3 Components

Set to enter service alongside the Ajax Infantry Vehicle and the Boxer Armoured Vehicle, the Challenger 3 is armed with a 120mm L55A1 smoothbore gun and a fully digitized turret.

It is also equipped with a Trophy Medium Variant active protection system, protecting it from rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles.

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