General Dynamics Completes Tests of USMC’s New Reconnaissance Vehicle

General Dynamics has announced the completion of prototype trials for its Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) designed for the US Marine Corps.

The tests, which began in January 2023, focused on various aspects of the ARV, including its command, control, communications, and computer (C4).

They also evaluated the vehicle’s integrated drones, land and water mobility, blast and kinetic resistance, and cyber and electromagnetic interference capabilities.

During the trials, the ARV demonstrated its ocean mobility and surf zone transition capabilities in littoral beach areas.

“The testing and demonstration activities last year helped us collect the data to ensure we can meet and exceed the Marine Corps’ requirements for ARV,” General Dynamics official Richard Trotter said.

“We are confident we can achieve key performance requirements and competitively position ourselves for the next phase of the program.”

‘Quarterback’ on Multi-Domain Battlefield

According to General Dynamics, the ARV will serve as the US Marine Corps’ “quarterback” on the mobile and multi-domain battlefield.

It is intended to be the primary combat system in Light Armored Reconnaissance battalions, carrying out mounted and dismounted reconnaissance, surveillance, and security operations.

It has an automatic medium-caliber cannon, an anti-armor capability to defeat heavily-armored threats, and precision-guided munitions to effectively strike targets.

The ARV also boasts a next-generation swim propulsion system, as well as vectored thrust and water safety systems, to enable swim operations.

“Highly mobile on land and in the water, the ARV allows Marines to sense and communicate like never before,” Trotter explained. “We pride ourselves on delivering capabilities for today and are thoughtful, deliberate, and innovative about realizing the future vision of the Marine Corps.”

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