Sweden Orders Saab Mobile Short Range Air Defence System

Sweden has ordered Saab’s Mobile Short Range Air Defence (MSHORAD) system for 300 million Swedish krona ($28.55 million).

Two MSHORAD configurations will be acquired to further support future Swedish mobile air defense requirements.

Both configurations will be integrated into the BvS10 armored vehicle, with delivery expected from 2024 to 2026.


The vehicle-integrated solution can identify and neutralize low-flying air threats like drones and armored helicopters.

It consists of a Giraffe 1X radar and the RBS 70 NG remote weapon station connected with the GBAD C2 air defense command and control solution.

The air defense system is designed to protect a moving combat unit.

Laser-Guided Missile

The command and control “creates a picture, evaluates threats, and provides automatic engagement support,” according to Saab.

“Once data is received, RBS 70 NG’s missiles engage within five seconds. The product also features visual 3D cueing.”

The laser-guided missile has a precision range of over 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) and is difficult to intercept.

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