Norway to Deploy F-35 Fighter Jets to Iceland

Norway will conduct the first of three NATO fighter deployments to Iceland this year, sending four F-35 combat aircraft to Keflavík Air Base.

Half of the regiment will be on standby at the air base at all times, ready to scramble to safeguard NATO and international airspace in the region.

The Norwegian units will also participate in training and alert drills that include identifying unknown aircraft to ensure the alliance’s defense.

The deployment is part of NATO’s Air Policing peacetime mission to protect the alliance’s airspace through collective defense and collaboration. Keflavík Air Base has hosted the organization’s fighter aircraft since 2008.

Iceland’s Key Role

Despite having no armed forces of its own, Iceland stands as one of NATO’s vital components in protecting the High North.

It uses its air defense and surveillance systems, made up of four radar sites and a centralized air command and control network, to aid the allied forces’ air surveillance missions.

Its waters also serve as training ground for NATO’s anti-submarine capabilities, hosting exercises such as Dynamic Mongoose to prepare for sub-surface threats.

Reykjavik also contributes to the alliance’s operations with financial contributions and civilian personnel.

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