UK’s New ‘Frontline-Ready’ Apache Chopper Toppled by Strong Winds

The British Army’s latest Apache AH-64E attack helicopter was toppled over by harsh winds on Tuesday while stationary at the Army Aviation Center in Hampshire.

The incident happened during the onslaught of Storm Henk in southern Britain, with winds gusting up to 129 kilometers (80 miles) per hour.

The helicopter, recently declared “ready for frontline duty,” is known for its ability to withstand strong winds since it is designed to operate from ship decks.

No injuries were reported from the occurrence and all other aircraft in the area were undamaged.

According to a defense source, the incident was believed to be the first time an Apache had been blown over.

Not Invulnerable

In October last year, the British Army declared its AH-64E operationally ready after all its components successfully passed trials and evaluation.

Officials said the Boeing-manufactured chopper had also been tested in a realistic scenario that reflects the challenges of modern operations.

Despite passing all trials, the defense source said the helicopter is not invulnerable to harsh winds.

“They’ve got lifting surfaces for a reason, but it does mean they can be vulnerable to high winds,” he told The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, an army spokesman commented on the incident, saying the service is fully aware and will not release a statement until a thorough assessment has been made.

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