British Army’s New Apache Helicopters Ready for Frontline

The British Army has declared its new AH-64E Apache helicopters ready for frontline duty after participating in Exercise Iron Titan.

According to the service, one of its regiments tested every aspect of the rotary-wing aircraft, from logistics, command and control, maintenance, to field operation.

The Apaches, together with the country’s Wildcat reconnaissance choppers, provide the British Army with a deep attack capability necessary to survive future wars.

During the exercise, the US-made helicopters and the regiment operating them successfully conducted strike missions on simulated enemy positions based on the attack plan provided.

“To achieve validation, every single function that we deliver as a Regiment has been tested in a realistic scenario that reflects the challenges of modern operations,” 3 Regiment Army Air Corps commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Rich Simcock said.

He added that the exercise allowed the service to show how it can sustain itself and survive on the battlefield with the help of the new AH-64Es by striking targets far behind enemy lines to give troops a decisive advantage.

‘Most Advanced Attack Helicopter’

Manufactured by Boeing, the AH-64E Apache features state-of-the-art drivetrain and rotor blades for improved flying performance.

It also has advanced sights and sensors, communication systems for better interoperability, and embedded maintenance diagnostic systems for faster repair.

Furthermore, the chopper has improved night operation capabilities and is capable of controlling a couple of unmanned aerial vehicles.

“The AH-64E is the most advanced attack helicopter in the world and the step change it brings in lethality, agility, survivability and how it can communicate and integrate with other capabilities is nothing short of revolutionary,” Simcock explained.

The helicopters first entered service with the British military in 2021 to replace their AH Mk.1 Apaches.

Simcock disclosed that British aircrew and engineers have been on training courses in preparation for the frontline service of the American choppers.

Apache AH-64E
An Apache AH-64E attack helicopter was being refueled at the Forward Arming Refueling Point during Exercise Iron Titan. Photo: British Army

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