Ukraine Wants More Efficient AI-Upgraded Caesar Howitzer 

The Ukrainian military wants to procure more precise artificial intelligence (AI)-upgraded Caesar wheeled artillery, said Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Lieutenant General Ivan Gavrylyuk.

The upgrade is expected to improve the gun’s targeting and firing mechanisms for greater precision.

Greater accuracy will reduce the French gun’s ammunition consumption by 30 percent, Gavrylyuk added in a meeting with a delegation of the Senate of the French Parliament.

“Caesar’s fire management trials using artificial intelligence are scheduled for 2024,” the minister stated, urging the French delegates to provide a greater quantity of ammunition for the Nexter 155mm howitzer.

Caesars in Ukraine

A total of 49 Caesears have been delivered to Ukraine since 2022, including 19 from Denmark, Nexter CEO Nicolas Chamussy told Defense News in October.

Eighteen guns have been delivered directly from French Army stocks, while Ukraine acquired 12 from Nexter’s parent firm KNDS.

The truck-mounted system is capable of firing six rounds per minute at a distance of up to 40 kilometers (25 miles).

The platform can travel at a speed of 80 kilometers (50 miles) per hour for 600 kilometers (373 miles) without refueling.

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