Egypt Receives Third MEKO A-200 Frigate

German shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp has delivered ENS Al-Qadeer (FFG-909) to the Egyptian Navy in a handover ceremony in Bremerhaven, Germany.

FFG-909 is the third out of a series of four MEKO A-200 frigates to be handed over to Egypt, delivered only six months after its sister ship, ENS Al-Qahhar (FFG-905).

The new ship will be used mainly for special forces support, search and rescue, and humanitarian missions.

The last of Egypt’s MEKO A-200 ships, ENS Sajm Al-Jabbar (FFG-910), is set to enter service in 2024.

Al-Qadeer’s Components

Al-Qadeer has a displacement of 3,700 tons, a length of 121 meters (397 feet), and a width of 16.3 meters (53 feet). Its size allows it to house a complement of up to 120 personnel.

Its CODAG WARP propulsion system allows it to travel to speeds of up to 29 knots (33.4 miles/52 kilometers per hour), with a range of 7,200 nautical miles (8,300 miles/13,357 kilometers) at 16 knots (18 miles/29 kilometers per hour).

The ship’s armaments include an OTO Melara 127/64 gun assembly, MSI-Defence 30-mm cannons, Rheinmetall Defence MASS softkill decoy launchers, and four 20-mm guns.

Partners for Modernization

ThyssenKrupp internal communications head Stefan Ettwig shared that the company’s record time in delivering the new frigate underlines its dedication to helping the Egyptian Navy modernize its fleet.

“This achievement is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellent results while building strong partnerships,” he said.

Ettwig added that the fourth and final frigate will be completed in Alexandria Shipyard.

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