Czech Republic Receives Mobile Electronic Surveillance System

Surveillance solutions company ERA has handed over a new passive electronic surveillance system to the Czech Republic at Tábor in South Bohemia.

The Deployable Passive Electronic Support Measures Tracker (DPET) is the first of two to be handed to the Czech Army, with the next system scheduled for delivery in 2024.

Signed in 2020, the contract is worth 1.5 billion Czech koruna ($66 million).

DPET’s Capabilities

The DPET is a mobile air, land, and sea surveillance capability that can trace targets from distances of up to 500 kilometers (310 miles). It is scheduled to replace the VERA S/M, which has been a part of the country’s radar network since 1995.

The DPET is equipped with a command container, utilized as a hub for gathering and evaluating data for surveillance. It can simultaneously track up to 200 aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships, or ground equipment.

Its light variant allows its antennas to be attached to tripods for rapid deployment. Additionally, it can also operate with other command and control systems in multinational operations.

Once fully implemented, the surveillance system is slated to be in service over the next 10 to 15 years.

The acquisition is part of the country’s goal of modernizing its armed forces, with a major focus on establishing strong intelligence support by 2030.

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