Czech Firm Completes CV90 CZ Combat Vehicle Simulator Design Phase

Czech company VR Group has completed the preliminary design phase of the CV90 CZ armored combat vehicle training simulator.

The group has confirmed the simulator’s design and characteristics for its driving, shooting, and crew features together with BAE Systems, supplier of the CV90 vehicles.

The simulator is expected to reach its final design at the end of its critical design phase, estimated to run until February 2025.

“I am really glad that VR Group is proving its qualities and confirming its long-term experience in developing simulation systems,” CV90 CZ project program manager Henrik Gyllencreutz shared.

“The Czech Army will get both world-class tracked combat vehicles and a high-end simulation solution in one package, which will be a significant qualitative change for the training and use of the CV90 system,” he added.

Once completed, the simulators will be integrated into the Czech Republic’s existing simulation infrastructure, installed in mobile bases and computer classrooms.

A 3D mockup of a CV90 CZ training simulator. The system, with a gray chassis, is a cubicle-like equipment with multiple monitors/screens inside.
A 3D mockup of a CV90 CZ training simulator. Photo: VR Group

Czech Republic’s CV90 CZ

First introduced in 2017 as a replacement for the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, the CV90 CZ can operate in snow and wetlands while carrying up to eight soldiers.

It can travel 560 miles (900 kilometers) on-road and 200 miles (320 kilometers) offroad, defending troops with a manned turret.

Its base model has variants that focus on forward artillery observation, command and control, reconnaissance, armored recovery, and electronic warfare roles.

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