Germany Taps French Industry to Produce 155mm Ammunition for Kyiv

The German Ministry of Defence has signed a framework agreement with an undisclosed French company to produce 155-millimeter ammunition for Ukraine.

Under the 278-million-euro contract ($304 million), the company will manufacture 68,000 rounds to restock Kyiv’s depleted supplies.

The same shells are fired from the Panzerhaubitze 2000 armored self-propelled howitzers also used in the German Armed Forces.

Berlin wrote that the defense company offered options to manufacture and hand over up to 350,000 projectiles for the effort.

“Other countries can also take part in the project, as it is part of the EU ammunition initiative to accelerate the delivery, procurement and production of ammunition for Ukraine,” the nation explained.

“It is also about increasing European ammunition production in the long term so that EU member states can replenish their ammunition stocks.”

Latest Ammunition Supply for Ukraine

German defense firm Rheinmetall received a $154-million contract in early December to deliver “tens of thousands” of 155-millimeter artillery shells to Kyiv.

Last month, the German government contracted the company to supply 100,000 120-millimeter mortar shells to Ukraine as part of a $428-million military aid package announced in September.

In July, the German Parliament approved the acquisition of more than $768 million worth of ammunition for Berlin and Kyiv.

These rounds will be used with the Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers, Puma infantry fighting vehicles, and Leopard 2 main battle tanks in both forces.

A total of $130 million worth of 155-millimeter “high-performance” howitzer ammunition from the order will be distributed solely to the German military.

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