Rheinmetall to Supply ‘Large Volume’ of Artillery Rounds to Ukraine

Rheinmetall has secured a 142-million-euro ($154 million) contract to deliver a “large volume” of artillery rounds to Ukraine.

The order covers “tens of thousands” of 155-millimeter artillery shells, associated explosive charge fuses, propellants, and primers.

Production of the shells will be facilitated by Rheinmetall’s recently acquired Spanish segment Expal Munitions, which, according to the firm, is the biggest global developer of large-caliber ammunition.

The projectiles will be handed over to Ukraine in 2025.

“The customer is a NATO partner nation whose declared intention is to support Ukraine in its defensive struggle with effective long-term military aid,” the firm said.

Meanwhile, work on a 40,000-round order placed earlier this year is underway for delivery in 2024.

Ukraine artillery
A Ukrainian soldier fires artillery rounds towards Russian positions outside Bakhmut. Photo: AFP

Ramping Up Ammo Production

In its press release, Rheinmetall noted it would increase its ammunition production to further serve other allied nations.

“Demand for artillery ammunition is currently very high, due not just to Ukraine’s requirements but also the need to replenish the largely empty ammunition depots of Germany and other NATO and EU countries,” the company wrote.

“Rheinmetall plans a massive increase in ammunition production capacity in 2024 at its plants in Germany, Spain, South Africa and Australia, bringing annual output capacity to around 700,000 artillery rounds.”

Recent Rheinmetall Projects for Kyiv

Germany contracted Rheinmetall in November to supply Ukraine with 100,000 120-millimeter mortar shells.

The order was submitted under Berlin’s $428-million military aid package for Ukraine announced in September.

In July, the company accepted a separate artillery contract for the German Armed Forces worth $346.5 million, which included “a significant amount of tank ammunition” for Ukraine.

The order consists of 120-millimeter x 570 caliber tank ammunition that will refill Berlin’s arsenal depleted due to the Ukrainian conflict.

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