Germany Expands Tank Ammunition Contract With Rheinmetall to $4.4B

Rheinmetall has received a 309-million euro ($346.5 million) contract to provide Germany with 120mm x 570 caliber tank ammunition, bringing an existing framework agreement to 4 billion euros ($4.48 billion).

The latest tranche supports the German Armed Forces’ commitment to bolster capabilities and replenish munitions due to the ongoing tension in Europe.

Furthermore, the latest order includes “a significant amount of tank ammunition” for Ukraine to help it defend against Russia’s aggression.

Securing ‘Solid’ Utilization

The latest agreement features an option for Germany to procure “several hundred thousand rounds” of the 120-millimeter x 570 caliber operational and training ammunition. These rounds can be fired from Leopard 2 main battle tanks.

Delivery consists of multipurpose tank ammunition, non-programmable fuse, and other munition variants configurable for impact detonation with and without delay as well as airburst function.

Meanwhile, the practice variant includes ammunition with a lower range and cost.

“For many Leopard 2 user nations, Rheinmetall is the most important supplier of ammunition for the tank’s 120mm smoothbore main armament,” Rheinmetall said.

“The armed forces of Germany and several partner nations have entered framework contracts with Rheinmetall to secure a steady long-term supply of ammunition, which in turn enables better planning of the production process and optimum utilization of existing capacity.”

“For Rheinmetall, this contractual arrangement assures solid utilization of tank ammunition capacity for years to come.”

Recent Munition Projects With Germany

Rheinmetall secured a contract from Germany in February to supply the Ukrainian Army with 300,000 rounds of Gepard anti-aircraft tank ammunition.

In 2022, the company shipped 20,000 120-millimeter practice rounds and associated equipment for Germany’s Leopard 2 fleet.

The same year, the Rheinmetall received a contract to upgrade the government’s 120-millimeter mortar systems and deliver corresponding ammunition.

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