Rheinmetall to Upgrade 120mm Mortar Systems for Germany

Rheinmetall has secured a contract from the Bundeswehr, Germany’s federal armed forces, to upgrade its 120mm mortar systems and supply ammunition.

The 120mm mortar upgrade involves fitting it to fire new generation shells and adding obturation rings to the mortar tubes.

The estimated 27-million euro ($30.62-million) order was made last year and will be complete by next year.

Redesigned 120mm Mortar Ammunition

Rheinmetall has redesigned its entire stock of 120mm mortar ammunition, equipping it with a modern propulsion system and insensitive high explosive. The mortar rounds have a range of up to 8 kilometers (4.9 miles) and offer extremely high precision.  

The propellant charge system is based on the Nitrochemie El propellant powder, which offers better storage, temperature stability, energy content, and system characteristics.

Infantry units use the ammunition for direct or indirect fire during monitoring, reconnaissance, or combat missions.

Rheinmetall-Bundeswehr Collaboration

Last year, Rheinmetall supplied the Bundeswehr with DM75 NG multispectral and DM56 NG infrared illumination mortar rounds. The company has extensive expertise in indirect fire and supplies a range of 120mm, 81mm, and 60mm ammunition.

It also produces mortars and mortar fire control systems, including the 120mm Ragnarök mortar weapon system and the innovative RSG60 60mm mortar, introduced in 2019.

In March 2021, Rheinmetall received an 88-million euro ($103.7-million) contract from the Bundeswehr to supply the MELLS anti-tank guided missile system. Under the agreement, the company was tasked with providing an additional 666 guided missiles and 82 integrated command and launch units to the German armed forces.

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