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South Korea Inks Arthur Weapon Locating System Contract With Saab

South Korea has signed a contract with Saab to provide support for the country’s Arthur weapon locating systems.

As part of the 795-million Swedish kronor ($76 million) deal, the company will deliver spare parts within five years.

It will utilize its local support team based in South Korea to ensure a hands-on approach in fulfilling the contract.

The agreement is expected to enhance the system’s operational readiness and bolster South Korea’s defense capabilities amid emerging threats.

“The Republic of Korea Armed Forces is the largest operator of our Arthur weapon locating system and we are proud to contribute to its capability by ensuring the systems remain in operation with excellent availability,” Saab official Carl-Johan Bergholm said.

About the Arthur System

Saab’s Arthur system is designed to detect and warn friendly forces of incoming fire.

It can determine the point of origin of enemy artillery shells, mortar projectiles, and rockets at a distance of 60 kilometers (37 miles).

Additionally, the system’s phased array antenna and operator shelter can be mounted on a tracked armored vehicle for safety and added mobility.

“With a sustained capacity for handling multiple targets simultaneously, weapon locating system Arthur is a powerful asset when deployed close to the forward line of its own troops,” Saab stated on its website.

The Arthur system is currently operational in 12 countries, including Sweden, Norway, South Korea, Spain, and the UK.

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