UK Defense Launches Space Academy in Oxfordshire

The UK has integrated a training program focusing on space force operations at the UK Defence Academy in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire.

Since achieving initial operating capability last September, the UK Space Academy has been providing an online foundation space awareness course across the British forces and a ballistic missile early warning system course to the Royal Air Force Fylingdales in Pickering.

The Space Academy’s physical location will deliver additional competency-based projects and hands-on preparations tailored for the country’s future space defense workforce.

“The Defence Academy, as part of UK Strategic Command, delivers world class professional defence and security education, sharpening defence’s intellectual edge and to welcome the Space Academy represents a fantastic development,” UK Defence Academy Commandant Maj. Gen. Andrew Roe said.

“Bringing together all five domains at Shrivenham Station is an important step for the delivery of deeper integration and we should be excited by the opportunities it will bring our people.”

Maximizing Growth

For the Space Academy, the UK Space Command will reconstruct infrastructure at the Oxfordshire site adjacent to the Defence Cyber Academy.

Once completed, UK Ministry of Defence instructors will work alongside international partners, industry, and academia to provide lessons at the center.

This strategic placement will enable space and cybersecurity trainees to share facilities and training expertise for improved interoperability.

UK Space Commander Air Vice-Marshal Paul Godfrey highlighted the benefits of the Space Academy during the plan’s announcement at a three-day military conference in Belfast.

“Space skills are critical to the UK’s growing space sector,” he stated.

“The UK Space Academy is already virtually preparing military personnel and [Ministry of Defence] civil servants for their mission to protect and defend UK and allied interests in space.”

“Our new location at the Defence Academy in Oxfordshire will allow us to maximise our growth and inspire the UK’s future space workforce alongside industry and academia, whilst also integrating with the Defence Cyber Academy, already located at Shrivenham.”

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