Russia Patents Stealth Twin-Seat Su-30MK Fighter 

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation has patented a new two-seater stealth tactical fighter jet.

Based on the Su-30MK fighter jet, it has fifth-generation aircraft features such as a low radar cross-section and “super maneuverability.”

“The technical result of the claimed invention is to reduce the level of visibility of the aircraft in the radar range [radar signature or radar cross-section], increase the maneuverability of the aircraft up to super-maneuverability, increase the level of aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft at supersonic and subsonic flight speeds, expand the functionality of the aircraft in terms of info-communication interaction,” the patent stated.

The fourth-generation Su-30MK multirole fighter is the export version of the Su-30M operational in a dozen air forces, including those of India and China.

Airborne Command Post

Apart from detecting and destroying land and air targets, the aircraft is also expected to perform airborne command post missions for network-centric operations for a mixed group of aircraft.

The patent said that the aircraft’s rear cockpit would be “missionized” to function as an “air command post” to control manned and unmanned aircraft.

Similar to Su-57

It closely resembles a Su-57 two-seater version, which is reportedly being designed to control four Okhotnik combat drones simultaneously through twin commands.

Traditionally, third and fourth-generation fighters delegate the role of weapon and radio operations to the rear co-pilot, leaving the front pilot to focus on flying.

In fifth-generation fighters, the computer handles weapons systems operations, negating the need for a co-pilot.

Additionally, “the fact that the cockpit is equipped with everything necessary to transfer control from one pilot to another suggests that the new aircraft is also being designed as a combat trainer,” Izvestia quoted military expert Dmitry Kornev as saying.

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