Russia Has Lost 15% of Tank Inventory in Ukraine: UK Intel

Russia has lost around 15 percent of its tank inventory amid its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, a recent UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) intelligence report claimed.

The estimate, released in response to parliamentary queries, specified that 2,475 Russian main battle tanks have been destroyed, damaged, or captured by the Ukrainian defenders.

The losses are credited to sophisticated anti-tank weapons and missiles provided by Kyiv’s Western allies, including the US.

In addition, the UK MoD estimates that over 7,100 Russian armored vehicles and 1,300 artillery systems have been neutralized.

Ukraine’s forces have also reportedly downed 93 fixed-wing aircraft, 132 helicopters, and 320 drones since the invasion began in February 2022.

Military Casualties

In the report, the MoD stated that Russia’s military casualties exceed 300,000.

The figures do not include losses from private military contractors, such as the Wagner Group, estimated to be around 100,000.

The intel also disclosed that “tens of thousands” of Russian soldiers have deserted their units since the start of the conflict.

Concerning Ukrainian casualties, a Ukrainian civic group released a report saying it had confirmed the deaths of at least 24,500 Ukrainian soldiers.

“Obviously, the 24,500 names are not the final number of dead, but by our assessment, it is no less than 70 percent,” the group said, adding that the actual number of deceased troops in combat and non-combat situations could be more than 30,000.

Russian soldiers
Russian soldiers ride atop an armored vehicle in Crimea. Photo: AFP

Sinking Morale

Earlier this week, the UK MoD reported that wives of Russian military personnel sent to Ukraine conducted their first public street protest, condemning the long-term deployment of their spouses.

Carrying banners, the wives demanded their husbands be withdrawn from the frontline, telling the government to rotate its soldiers properly.

However, Russian legislation has yet to allow Russian soldiers to reunite with their families amid continued fighting in Ukraine.

According to the intel, the indefinitely extended combat deployments are seen as “unsustainable” by both the soldiers and their relatives, further affecting their morale on the battlefield. 

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