Ukraine Says Russia Now Using Evolved Tactics Including Tunnels, Robotics

The Ukrainian military claims that Russian forces have adopted new battlefield tactics to gain inroads on the frontline and seize more territory.

Anton Kotsukon, a spokesman for Kyiv’s 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade, said on Ukrainian national television that the invading forces have started digging tunnels for camouflage.

The underground infrastructure is being built to enable the Russians to emerge somewhere closer to their enemy’s positions and catch them off guard.

The tactic is appropriate for surprise assault since drones cannot detect soldiers moving several feet below the ground.

“People often compare our war to World War I. In the Avdiivka sector, [Moscow’s troops] have begun to use such tactics,” Kotsukon said, referring to the strategy of digging tunnels used since Roman times.

Use of Robotics

In addition to tunneling, Russian forces reportedly utilize remote-controlled robotic devices to assist frontline missions.

The systems are being used to deliver weapons, ammunition, and other supplies without risking human lives, according to Kotsukon.

“These are some specialized machines, they are quite large and can carry a pretty good weight,” he said.

Moscow’s ability to tunnel its way to enemy forces and use robotic devices reflects the country’s large number of personnel and resources in the ongoing war.

Kotsukon stated that heavy fighting occurs daily, but the Russians are seemingly not running out of supplies to conduct more assaults.

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