US Navy Launches First Cyber Strategy

The US Navy has introduced its first-ever cyber doctrine aimed at preparing for future conflicts that involve cyber warfare.

According to the service, the rapidly-evolving battlefield makes it inadequate for the navy to rely solely on its traditional naval power.

It noted that while the foundational concepts of maritime warfare have not changed, there are already “new realities” presented by cyberspace and the information environment.

Unlike the defense department’s cyber strategy which has four areas of concern, the US Navy will focus on seven factors it deems necessary for enhancing its cyber posture.

The first strategy is to improve and support the service’s cyber workforce by recruiting, developing, and retaining “best-in-class talent” that can operate and secure information networks.

It will also invest more in ensuring a cyber-ready force, making cybersecurity an integrated element of future acquisitions instead of a separate effort.

‘Commitment to Warfighting Excellence’

The US Navy said it will deploy innovative protection measures to better safeguard its information technology infrastructure, data, and networks.

It is also committed to leveraging emerging technologies such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence to “leap ahead” in cybersecurity.

In addition, the service plans to conduct and improve its cyber operations so it can prepare for future crises and conflict.

The remaining lines of effort include hardening networks to protect sensitive data and fostering collaboration with allies to improve activities in cyberspace.

“Our strategy reaffirms our commitment to warfighting excellence within cyberspace,” US Navy principal cyber advisor Chris Cleary said. “We are prioritizing the defense of our cyber enterprise and data while conducting and facilitating cyber operations across the globe.”

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