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Singapore Acquires Four Offshore Patrol Vessels

Singapore has signed a contract with German shipbuilder Fassmer to acquire four new offshore patrol vessels (OPV) to boost defenses in its congested waters.

Fassmer’s craft will replace the navy’s four Sentinel-class maritime security and response vessels (MSRV), which have been in service since 1998.

The new ships will be based on OPVs operated by the German Federal Police, and will prioritize maneuverability for shore-based missions.

Delivery is set to begin by 2028.

Safety in Readiness

Singapore’s push for a more modernized naval force bolsters the country’s preventative approach to possible maritime threats, including piracy and hijacking.

Earlier this year, the Republic of Singapore Navy announced the acquisition of its first Invincible-class submarine.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stressed the importance of the submarine due to Singapore’s reliance on a “free and unimpeded movement of goods and materials” for national growth.

Fassmer’s Track Record

Fassmer’s earlier OPVs, the German Federal Police’s Potsdam (BP81), Bamberg (BP82), and Bad Düben (BP83), will serve as the Singaporean craft’s blueprints.

The company has also designed, developed, and built OPVs for other maritime forces, including the Chilean Navy and the Colombian National Navy.

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