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Singapore Receives First Invincible-Class Submarines

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has taken delivery of its first Invincible-class (Type 218SG) submarine at Changi Naval Base.

The Impeccable is the second of four vessels ordered in 2013 from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems to replace the navy’s Archer and Challenger line of submarines.

It was launched in December 2022 in Kiel, Germany, alongside the third Invincible-class submarine, the Illustrious.

Invincible-Class Submarines

The RSN’s new 70-meter (230-feet) submarine is custom-built for the busy, shallow tropical waters that surround the country.

The fleet incorporates increased payload capacity, high levels of automation, improved underwater endurance, and optimized ergonomics.

Integrating the Invincible class into the navy will bolster Singapore’s national security, protecting the country’s critical maritime routes for trade and logistics.

Sea trials and other work to achieve operational capability are underway.

Meanwhile, Singaporean submarine crews are training with Berlin to operate their future Invincible fleet on the first vessel.

The last submarine, the Inimitable, remains under construction in Germany.

‘Next Phase’ of Submersible Capabilities

During the launch of the Impeccable and Illustrious last year, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted the importance of the country’s new submarines.

“Singapore is a maritime nation. We are highly reliant on the free and unimpeded movement of goods and materials across the sea for our prosperity and indeed survival. Submarines provide the RSN an added capability to fulfill this role,” Loong explained.

“The RSN has come a long way in building up its submarine force. In 1997, it launched its first submarine – a refurbished Swedish boat in service since the late 1960s. Year by year, the RSN overcame difficult challenges to build up its submarine knowledge, technical know-how and experience.”

“Now the RSN is embarking on the next phase of its journey. The four Invincible-class submarines are the RSN’s first new-build boats, and will bring modern and advanced capabilities to the navy.”

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