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Bell Textron Delivers First Ranger X Helicopters to Jordan

Bell Textron has announced the delivery of the first five of 10 Bell 505 Ranger X helicopters to the Royal Jordanian Air Force as part of an agreement signed in July 2022.

A military trainer, the Bell 505 chopper is equipped with advanced technologies and an avionics suite for reduced pilot workload and improved performance.

It can carry up to five military personnel and cruise at 231 kilometers (143 miles) per hour over long distances.

According to the company, the Jordanian Air Force will also receive a flight training device and a comprehensive computer-based training package to support basic and advanced flight training.

“Bell is thrilled to complete the first Bell 505 deliveries to the Royal Jordanian Air Force and looks forward to equipping its cadets with a full fleet of technologically advanced, dynamic aircraft that will enhance the armed forces’ operational readiness,” Bell Textron senior vice president Patrick Moulay said.

The American firm has not disclosed the timeline for the delivery of the remaining five Bell 505s under order.

Middle East Interest

Jordan joins another operator of Bell helicopters in the Middle East. In March, Bahrain took delivery of three Ranger X choppers to train the next generation of Bahrani pilots.

At the Dubai Airshow 2023, Moulay also announced that it had closed a deal for a dozen armed Bell 407s with an undisclosed Middle Eastern customer.

The contract reflects the growing interest in Bell products in the region, he said.

“Many of those countries do not want to go all the way to an Apache or [AH-1Z Viper]. Instead, they want to get more information on the armed Bell 407 light attack solution capabilities,” he told Breaking Defense.

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