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Bahrain Air Force Receives Three Ranger X Helicopters From Bell

Bell Textron has delivered three Bell 505 Jet Ranger X five-seater light helicopters to the Royal Bahrain Air Force.

The handover was conducted during an inspection and acceptance ceremony at the firm’s facility in Mirabel, Quebec.

Alongside the choppers, Bell provided the air force with related training, spares, and tools.

Bahrain’s First

According to Bell, the three Jet Ranger Xs are the first of their type to be integrated into Bahrain’s military.

“We are honored to provide the Bahrain Defense Force another premiere Bell asset to train the next generation of Bahrani pilots,” Bell Africa and Middle East Managing Director Sameer Rehman stated.

“Generations of Bahraini pilots have flown in Bell helicopters, and the Bell 505 will continue the tradition of excellence for years to come.”

Bell 505
Bell 505 trainer helicopter. Photo: Bell Textron

The latest Ranger Xs will add to Bahrain Defense Force’s existing rotorcraft fleets that comprise 212 Twin Hueys and different variants of AH-1 Cobras.

“With low operating costs and high reliability, the Bell 505 has emerged as a customer favorite to prepare cadets for a safer and more effective transition to advanced helicopters,” Rheman said.

Ranger X in Other Countries

Bell has provided more than 30 Ranger Xs helicopters to defense customers in the African and Middle Eastern regions.

The firm has supplied the UAE’s Horizon International Flight Academy with 12 Ranger Xs.

Meanwhile, Bell is working on a 2021 contract to deliver 10 Ranger Xs to the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

The helicopter is also a military training asset in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces and the Montenegro Air Force.

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