Boeing Begins Expansion of Patriot Missile Seeker Production

Boeing has begun an expansion of its Huntsville factory that produces the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) seeker.

The 35,000-square-foot (3,251-square-meter) expanded facility is expected to be operational in 2027, helping it increase production by over 30 percent, Boeing stated.

“The PAC-3 seeker is a critical air and missile defense capability, and this site expansion will allow us to significantly ramp up production to support the US military, allies and international partners who rely on it,” Boeing Huntsville site leader Debbie Barnett said. 

“Our proven seeker enables the life-saving precision accuracy of the Patriot system. I can’t overstate the importance of our team’s work in Huntsville and the mission we support.”

The PAC-3 Seeker

The seeker provides guidance data to the PAC-3 interceptor, enabling it to identify, track, and intercept advanced air and missile threats.

The PAC-3 is the most advanced Patriot version of the air and missile defense interceptor, providing enhanced performance, range, and altitude.

$2 Billion Seeker Contracts

Boeing has provided the PAC-3 seeker as a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin for over 20 years, investing more than $100 million in its Huntsville facility to support the PAC-3 program.

It has been awarded more than $2 billion in contracts for seeker production since 2021, including the development of a next-generation digitally-engineered seeker for evolving threats.

Earlier this year, it opened a 9,000-square-foot (836-square-meter) expansion of the Huntsville Electronics Center of Excellence, which produces essential hardware for the PAC-3 seeker.

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