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Netherlands Plans to Assemble Patriot System for Ukraine With Donated Parts

The Netherlands plans to quickly assemble a Patriot air defense system for Ukraine with donated parts.

Potential suppliers of the system’s parts and munitions have been identified and in talks for the initiative, the Dutch Ministry of Defense said.

Amsterdam will contribute core components and parts for the initiative from its stocks. 

“We are engaged in talks with partners to compile a Patriot system, including training for Ukrainian crews,” the ministry said.

“With our offer, and consulting with partner countries providing several key parts and munitions, we can provide Ukraine with at least one fully operational system in a short time frame.”

Ukraine Fighting ‘Europe’s Fight’

The Dutch government acknowledged the system’s scarcity. However, it said that Ukraine is fighting “Europe’s fight,” facing daily attacks on its key energy and infrastructure centers.

“The NATO secretary general recently said that as NATO countries, we can temporarily move below the alliance’s capability targets,” Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren added.

“So the room for creativity is there. Industrial suppliers have pledged to speed up production and delivery of replacement systems. We are counting on that.”

Seven Systems Required: Zelensky 

A total of three Patriots are currently protecting Ukrainian air space from Russian air attacks: two from Germany and one from the US.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said at least seven Patriots are required for the country, including two for Kharkiv alone.

Meanwhile, Germany announced in April it will send another Patriot to Ukraine.

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