Spain Approves $107M AMRAAM Missile Purchase for Jets, NASAMS 

The Spanish government has approved the purchase of 68 AIM-120C-8 AMRAAM missiles for its Eurofighter Typhoon, Boeing FA-18EF Hornet combat jets and NASAM air defense system.

The 100-million-euro ($107-million) purchase includes 20 captive missiles and a logistical package for the support and maintenance of the weapon.

Additional Procurement

“The acquisition of these missiles … will allow maintaining and updating the minimum reserve stocks for the aircraft and weapon systems of the [Spanish] Air and Space Force and the [Spanish] Army that use this missile, facilitating the fulfillment of the missions … and improving their capabilities,” Janes quoted the Spanish council of ministers as saying.

Madrid earlier approved a batch of 92 AMRAAM AIM-120C-7s in November 2022, according to Infodefensa.

AIM-120C-8 Features

The international AMRAAM variant is part of Raytheon’s Form, Fit, Function, Refresh program, with updated software and hardware for improved performance.

The solid propellant-powered missile reportedly has a greater escape zone and “high-angle off-boresight capabilities” over earlier variants.

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