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EDGE Group Unveils 11 New Drones, Missiles at Dubai Airshow 2023

Emirati defense conglomerate EDGE Group unveiled 11 new, state-of-the-art military systems during the Dubai Airshow 2023.

Among them is a medium-altitude, low-endurance drone called REACH-M, which reportedly has a 350-kilogram (772-pound) payload capacity and 24-hour flight endurance.

According to company vice president Miles Chambers, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is still under development and is expected to undergo final testing by 2024.

In addition, EDGE unveiled its new HT-100 multi-role unmanned helicopter and the Sinyar, an autonomous aircraft based on the FLARIS LAR 01 single-engine jet.

“The HT-100 UAV is already operational, while Sinyar, the unmanned version, is expected to enter the market in the next two years,” Chambers told Breaking Defense.

Additional Systems

EDGE Group also showcased its new Hunter tactical drones that can be deployed together for coordinated strikes.

The UAVs are equipped with artificial intelligence, enabling smooth sharing of battlefield information.

The company also presented its NASEF-20 and NASEF-125 subsonic cruise missiles, MANSUP-ER (National Surface Anti-Ship Missile), and RASH-3H guided munition.

The remaining military systems were a mix of guided munitions and jamming devices.

“We’re always looking at making investments in autonomous capabilities, precision guided munitions, and electronic warfare,” Chambers said. “These are the broad domains.”

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