UK Awards $21-Million Defense-Wide Tech Deal to Anduril

Defense company Anduril has signed a 17-million-pound ($21 million) contract with the UK Ministry of Defence to develop technologies to improve the country’s protection.

The contract was signed under Phase Three of the UK’s TALOS Programme, an initiative to improve threat detection systems with the help of artificial intelligence-assisted software.

The products will be integrated alongside TALOS’ network of sentry towers, ground sensors, and drone capabilities to alert defense units of ground or air threats.

The UK Strategic Command innovation team, jHub, will work closely with Anduril during development.

Centralized Protection

The TALOS Programme aims to accelerate a defense-wide approach to Integrated Command and Control for Force Protection under Phase 3.

“Our objective is to meet the specific requirements of armed forces to best shape the future of defence with advanced, modern technology; to do this, working with partners like jHub is key,” Anduril Global Defense Head Greg Kausner said.

“The contract with jHub will allow Anduril to expedite modern defence technology and robustly support UK Defence, and represents an advancement of our relationship with the MoD.”

Anduril and jHub’s work on TALOS continues to explore the possibilities of a centralized system for countering threats across permanent operation bases.

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