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Nigerian Firm Launches Domestic Drone Production

A Nigerian firm has launched military drone production and assembly in the country.

Lagos-based Elites Logistics & Development Services announced the decision following an agreement with original equipment manufacturer partners, The Punch revealed, citing the company’s managing director Otunba David Adesanya.

The firm will produce additional security equipment as well, the outlet added, without identifying the systems.

To Accelerate Drone Supply

The initiative intends to improve Nigeria’s “security infrastructure” and contribute to the manufacturing industry, The Punch wrote, citing Adesanya.

He added that a domestic production line would reduce delivery time, enabling a swift response from security agencies.

“By assembling and producing these drones locally, Elites Logistics & Development Services Ltd aims to provide a swift response to the security challenges facing the nation by making a wide range of technology solutions available for surveillance, reconnaissance, and other purposes,” the Nigerian outlet quoted Adesanya as saying.

Domestic Drone Production 

Nigeria has relied on drone imports from countries such as China and Turkey to battle multi-pronged security challenges, including insurgencies and armed banditry.

Over the last decade, the African nation attempted drone design projects in collaboration with foreign partners but failed, according to Oryx.

Most notable among them were the Galma and Tsaigum projects.

“Nonetheless, they likely provided their designers with valuable experience in the design of unmanned aerial systems that one day could be used to design and produce a full-fledged Nigerian [unmanned aerial system],” Oryx wrote.

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