Ukraine to Launch ‘Smart Mobilization’ Project for Military

Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Ministry has announced plans to launch a “smart mobilization” project to focus on the recruitment of military specialists.

Minister Mykhailo Fedorov said in an interview with RBC Ukraine that the initiative will aim to hire military experts, including drone operators, on a “voluntary basis.”

He explained that under smart mobilization, aspiring soldiers can independently choose the specialization for which they want to sign up without coercion.

“We’re going to run a pilot on drone operators, and that person will choose whether they want to be a drone operator or serve in a strike drone company,” Fedorov said.

“If you submit an application and pass the recruitment and tests, you will undergo training, you will definitely get into a drone company, and you will definitely get into the position for which you signed up.”

The ministry plans to launch the pilot phase of the project within the next two months.


According to Fedorov, recruiting soldiers based on their specializations can improve the morale of troops on the battlefield, resulting in increased survivability.

Dismounted units would have increased confidence in their commanders if they are trained and hired for specialized aspects, such as countering drones or neutralizing armored vehicles.

“Then, there will be a different quality of motivation,” he stressed.

Once the project is fully operational, the ministry plans to include sappers, stormtroopers, and drivers in the specialized positions with appropriate training.

The pilot phase will reportedly help estimate how many people are willing to volunteer and how well they will perform based on the specializations they choose.

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