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Ukraine Developing Unmanned Mine Detector for Faster, Safer Demining

Ukraine has developed an unmanned aerial mine detector that is four times faster than humans.

BRAVE1 defense cluster’s ST1 drone detects a mine from a low altitude and relays the information back to the controllers.

“It is equipped with an inductor coil and sensors that allow it to fly around obstacles at low altitude,” Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov explained.

“There is also a powerful microcomputer on board that processes data and transmits it to the sappers in real time.”

For Safer Mine Detection 

The prototype is being field tested, and the feedback is being collected to incorporate them in improvements before commencing mass production.

An estimated 30 percent of Ukraine’s land is currently mined, a risk to civilian lives, particularly of children.

Russia has also relied on extensive mine deployment against Ukraine’s counteroffensive, to slow down the movement of tanks and allow Russian forces more time to fortify their defenses.

This will “significantly speed up the process of demining Ukrainian territories and make it safer. For example, sappers of the State Emergency Service, the Armed Forces, and the National Police will be able to control a drone and search for mines from a safe place,” Fedorov added.

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