Norway Pledges $18M for Mine Clearing in Ukraine

The Norwegian government has promised 200 million kroner ($18 million) in funding for mine and explosives clearance in Ukraine.

The funds will be transferred through clearing organizations like Norwegian People’s Aid, the HALO Trust, and the UN system, under the country’s Nansen Support Programme.

Since Russia’s 2022 invasion, Norway has provided Ukraine 164 million kroner ($15 million) for clearing operations.

Nansen Support is scheduled to run until 2027.

Minesweeping to Rebuild

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt stressed the importance of demining Ukraine’s compromised territories, which now makes up 30 percent of the country’s land area.

“Clearing mines saves lives and protects civilians, especially children. Mine clearance is also essential to be able to provide other types of emergency assistance and rebuild infrastructure. Preventing further loss of life also helps to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to withstand Russia’s aggression,” she said.

Ukraine considers the clearance efforts as part of the five most important post-war recovery priorities, pushing for agricultural land and infrastructure restoration by reclaiming mine-littered areas.

“Russia’s military aggression on Ukrainian territory is affecting more than just Ukraine. It is threatening food security across the entire world,” Huitfeldt added.

Nansen Support’s Impact

Norway’s Nansen Support Programme was established in February to provide multi-year support for Ukraine amounting to 75 billion kroner ($6.8 billion).

The program allocates funds for both civilian and military support, acknowledging Ukraine’s ongoing food, fertilizer, and energy crises.

Norway has now provided approximately 4.5 billion kroner ($410 million) in humanitarian aid to support the war-torn country and its neighboring allies’ refugee responses.

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