Slovakia Receives Two MANTIS Air Defense Systems From Germany

The Slovak Armed Forces has received two MANTIS air defense systems from Germany in a ceremony in Nitra, southwest Slovakia to boost its ground-based border security.

The 110 million euro ($116 million) systems, part of the German Air Force’s SysFla air defense initiative, were handed over to Bratislava “free of charge” to help the country defend its eastern border with Ukraine.

Over 100 Slovak service personnel have been trained to operate and maintain the MANTIS, each consisting of six automatic weapon stations, two sensor units, and a command post.

Germany’s defense system package also includes five 100-kilometer (62 miles) surveillance radars.

Germany Commits to Protection

The MANTIS systems are currently at the 11 Slovak Air Force Brigade in Nitra, where they are slated to protect critical national infrastructures in the nation’s eastern region by tracking and shooting down projectiles within very close range.

“The agreement to acquire these modern systems is an appreciation of our unequivocal support for Ukraine and a responsible step by the Alliance,” Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad said in a statement back in February.

Germany has provided help to various nations amid the Russo-Ukrainian war. In September, the country pledged 400 million euros ($428 million) of military aid to Ukraine.

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