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S. Korea’s Future Attack Helicopter to Be Armed With Mistral Missile

Korea Aerospace Industries has contracted MBDA for the integration of the Mistral ATAM anti-air missile system on the Korean Marine Attack Helicopter.

The system is based on the Mistral short-range anti-air missile, featuring two launchers, each bearing two missiles.

Already fitted on aircraft such as the Airbus Tiger and Gazelle, the missile has a range of up to 6.5 kilometers (4 miles).

It’s being integrated with India’s Rudra attack helicopter as well, according to MBDA.

Marine Attack Helicopter

Seoul selected the Korean Marine Attack Helicopter as the Korea Marine Corps’ future attack helicopter in 2021.

It’s the armed version of the Marine Corps’ MUH-1 Marineon utility helicopter, itself the amphibious variant of the KUH-1 Surion helicopter.

Korea Aerospace Industries clinched a 438-billion-won ($308 million) contract last year to develop the aircraft

Three prototypes will be developed in 48 months, featuring “turret-type machine guns, guided and unguided rockets, and air-to-ground missiles,” Janes wrote.

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