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North Korea Begins Arms Delivery to Russia: Report

North Korea has begun shipping artillery pieces to Russia, less than a month after leader Kim Jong Un’s Russia visit, CBS News revealed citing an unnamed US official.

It’s unclear whether the shipment is a limited consignment or part of a long-term commitment, or what Pyongyang is receiving in return, the outlet added.

‘Dramatic’ Increase in Rail Freight Traffic

It coincides with a “dramatic” increase in rail freight traffic at a North Korean railway facility bordering Russia, the US Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reported citing satellite imagery.

The Tumangang railway station saw 73 freight railcars on October 5, the highest volume of traffic witnessed at the facility in five years.

What was inside the shipping crates could not be identified as they were covered with tarp.

Kim’s Russia Visit

Kim reportedly pledged his “unconditional support” to Moscow during his six-day Russia visit last month. However, no defense deal was signed.

UN Security Council resolutions ban North Korea from exporting or importing arms.

However, experts are concerned that Russia’s desperation for arms to bolster its military invasion of Ukraine could make it strike a deal with North Korea in return for food and technologies to build more powerful missiles, nuclear-propelled submarines, and a spy satellite.

Pyongyang reportedly has a big stock of artillery systems and anti-tank missiles, which Russia could use in its ongoing war with Ukraine.

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