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Elbit to Provide ‘Several Hundred’ Kamikaze Drones to European Customer

Elbit Systems has secured a $95-million contract to provide “several hundred” loitering munitions for a European country.

Under the contract, the company will supply its SkyStriker, a fully autonomous aerial system that can identify and neutralize threats using a 5 or 10 kilograms (11 to 22 pounds) of integrated warhead.

Work for the project will run for two years.

Providing ‘Mission-Critical Advantage’

SkyStriker is a cost-effective solution providing long-range and high-precision engagements on the modern battlefield.

Users can launch the munition from different aerial and ground platforms, including a special canister on Elbit’s proprietary Precise and Universal Launching System (PULS) rocket artillery.

SkyStriker is powered by electric propulsion that can sustain two hours of flight and 100 kilometers (62 miles) during low-altitude covert missions.

The engine’s low acoustic signature and the system’s overall minimal thermal signature also transform the loitering capability into a “silent, invisible, and surprise attacker.”

The SkyStriker’s warhead compatibility feature can be reconfigured in the field to match changing operational requirements.

“We are pleased to deliver an innovative and effective solution to our customers that combines Elbit Systems air and ground solutions,” Elbit Systems Aerospace General Manager Yoram Shmuely stated.

“As a covert and agile platform, the SkyStriker loitering munition delivers high performance precision and reliability, providing a mission critical advantage to warfighters on the modern battlefield.”

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