UK Shipping 23 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles to Ukraine

The UK is sending 23 combat vehicle reconnaissance–tracked to Ukraine.

Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land revealed the development on X while explaining how its field support staff got the Scimitar MK II CVR (T)s ready for shipment to Ukraine in 32 days.

London announced it would send 40 Scimitars to Ukraine a month-and-half after the start of the Russian invasion along with a host of the CVR (T) family of vehicles, such as Samaritan armored ambulances, Samson armored recovery vehicles, and Spartan armored personnel carriers.

Scimitar MK II

Designed and produced by London-based Alvis (now BAE Systems Platforms & Services), the Scimitar MK II is an upgrade on the FV107 Scimitar, which entered service in the British Army in 1971. 

The MK II’s first deployment was in Afghanistan in 2011.


The 12,262-kilogram (27,033-pound) vehicle features a remote weapon station and an optional powered turret.

Also called a light tank, the vehicle comes armed with a 30mm Rarden autocannon that can fire up to 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) at 90 rounds per minute. 

A coaxial-mounted 7.62mm machine gun is the secondary armament.

The vehicle can cover a distance of 473 kilometers (294 miles) without being refueled and has a maximum speed of 80 kilometers (50 miles) per hour.


The vehicle’s Plasan ceramic ballistic armor protects against projectiles, and its hull is shielded by bar armor that keeps it safe from rocket-propelled grenades.  

The hull and turret are also fitted with enhanced mine-blast-resistant material.

Other features include night vision for the driver and the capacity for a crew of three.

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