Spain Approves $2B Purchase of 400 Armored Carriers to Replace M113s

The Spanish government has approved an investment of 1.95 billion euros ($2.11 billion) for the acquisition of 394 tracked armored vehicles for the army.

The approval allows the ministry of defense to launch a tender for the contract, which is expected to be awarded to a Spanish consortium in a few months, Info Defensa reported.

The consortium comprises Santa Barbara Sistemas, Indra, Sapa Placencia, and Escribano.

Decade-Plus Replacement

The consortium will develop and deliver the chain support vehicle as a replacement for the over five-decade-old M113 armored personnel carriers.

The vehicle will complement the Spanish Army’s Leopard 2E main battle tanks and Pizarro armored fighting vehicles.

The replacement is expected to take place through 2035. 

Several Variants to Be Developed

The Spanish Army has around 1,200 M113s that it plans to replace in two phases of 600 each.

The replacement vehicle will be developed in several combat support and logistical variants, such as command post, personnel transport, mortar carrier, anti-attack cannon, ambulance, and vehicle recovery. 

It will have high protection against improvised explosive devices and projectiles of different calibers.

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